If you hear no sound in the Lingumi app, it probably isn't a bug πŸ›. We test for sound with every release, so it should work well πŸ˜† Β However, there are a few reasons why the sound might not be working on your device.

Support for iOS devices (iPhones & iPads)

Option 1: If iPad/iPhone iOS 10 or below, and DOES NOT have a physical 'mute' switch

  1. Newer generations of iPhone and iPad do not have a mute switch. Instead, the 'mute' mode is accessible in the settings menu, by sliding up with a finger from the bottom of the screen, as in the image above.

  2. If this 'mute' mode is off, and the volume is turned up, the sound in the app should work. If not, please try to restart your device, in case another app is blocking the sound.

  3. If there is still no sound in the app, email us on [email protected], and we'll help you as fast as we can 🏎

  4. if your device has iOS 11, the sound can be 'on/off' for individual apps. In the App device 'Settings', find 'Club Lingumi', and make sure sound is in, as in the photo below:

Option 2: If your iPad or iPhone DOES have a physical 'mute' switch

  1. The first step, which you already have probably tried, is to turn up the volume.

  2. If your device has a 'mute' switch on the side of the device, like in the image above, it needs to be turned off (ie not on mute) for the Club Lingumi app to work. Some apps like YouTube work even in mute mode, but our app respects the mute switch, and does not overpower it.

  3. If you have tried both of the steps above, try restarting your iPad or iPhone, and then checking steps 1 & 2. Sometimes, other apps block the sound from the device, and a restart is required.

  4. Still no success? Email us on [email protected] and we'll help you as quickly as possible. We aim to reply within 12 hours.

Support for Android devices

There are thousands of different varieties of Android device, so it's difficult to write a guide for all of them. However, there are a few key things to check if the sound is not working in the app.

  1. Does the smartphone or tablet have the volume turned up? Obvious, but worth checking πŸ˜†

  2. Does the device have a 'mute' switch on the device, or a 'mute' mode in the settings? It might need to be turned off for the sound in the app to work.

  3. Have you tried restarting the device? Some apps block the sound on devices temporarily, but a restart removes this block.

  4. If you still have sound problems, email us on [email protected] and we'll help you as quickly as we can.

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