Sometimes, families tell us that their first experience with Lingumi wasn't suitable for their child. Maybe they didn't have the patience for the lesson, are too young, too old, or you just didn't understand why it was fun and educational.

If this happens, don't worry - we have a few tips.

  1. Read Toby's short article on getting started with Lingumi. It should give you some help and next steps, before you abandon Lingumi.

  2. If your child has already learned some English, or found the first lesson too easy, we can move them to a more advanced level in the app. Find out how in this article.

  3. Ask in one of our community groups what they recommend - the links to the right group for you are below.

  4. Write to us to get personal advice from the experts on our team. We typically reply within one day, and you can reach us on [email protected] with the subject line 'Advice on using Lingumi'.

Of course, Lingumi isn't right for every child. If you think you'd prefer to cancel, and stop using Lingumi, just follow the steps in this article.

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