Parents often ask if their children can replay an old lesson to practise certain works, or skip forward to more advanced lessons if they are a little older.

We also wrote about updating progress between different devices in this article.

Can we replay an old lesson?

Because our curriculum 'generates' lessons each day, you cannot go back to old lessons. Instead, we repeat individual games in later lessons, so your child will have plenty of opportunities to practise words or language structures again.

In general, each lesson contains 2-3 new activities, with new words or concepts, and 2-3 activities which they have played before. Sometimes, the repeated activities contain old words, and sometimes they contain a mixture of old and new words. We try to introduce new words at the right speed for your child. With every version of the app, the intelligence of our system is improving, so it can deliver the perfect lesson every day.

How can we find our favourite games again?

If your child loves a few particular games or words, they can still find them again. After finishing a lesson each day, the 'Free Play' area in the app is unlocked, so your child can play a few favourites before finishing their play time for the day.

Favourite words can also be found, listened to, and played with in the 'Sound Wall' and 'Sticker Book' areas of the app.

Can we skip forward to more advanced games?

If your child has already started English, and knows the words in the first few lessons, it's possible to skip forward to more advanced lessons. For example, they might want to begin with learning verbs, or how to combine adjectives and nouns, or even form whole phrases.

Currently, this process is possible, but we do it manually in our systems here in London 🇬🇧 So, if you'd like your child to begin on a more advanced level, write to us on '[email protected]' with the subject line 'Move my child forwards', and mention the first name of the child in the app, if you have more than one. We'll be able to quickly update their progress.

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