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Club Lingumi is suitable for thousands of smartphones and tablets, but not all devices can use Lingumi. You can continue to check if your device is compatible with Lingumi.

Family with Android device

The Club Lingumi app supports thousands of Android devices. But to use Lingumi successfully, you must use a software version above Android 6.0. If you cannot use Lingumi on your device, or cannot download Lingumi on your device, please check your software version first (you can find the software version in the device settings). If your Android software version is indeed higher than 6.0 but still cannot be downloaded, please send a letter to [email protected] to contact us, we will help you as soon as possible.

Households using Amazon devices (e.g. Fire Tab)

You cannot find us on the Amazon App Store at this time. Therefore, if you have any Android or iOS devices, please use those devices to download Lingumi. We are working hard to prepare Lingumi for the Amazon App Store, but we are not sure exactly when the suitable version will be released!

Households using iOS devices

Club Lingumi's app is available on almost all iOS devices. However, your device software must be newer than iOS 12 before it can be used.

Except for the oldest iPad (1) and iPhone (1) (does anyone have such an old antique now?!), Lingumi's app can be used on all iPads and iPhones.

If you cannot download the app on your iOS device:

  • Check "Version" from "Settings" --> "General" --> "About This Machine". Lingumi can be used as long as the version is higher than 11. If your version displays "12.3.3", it means your version is 12, which is the first number displayed.

  • Your country may not currently provide download services or the application store you are using currently does not have our application. If this happens, please send a letter to [email protected] to contact us, we will provide you with more assistance so that you can download the application smoothly.

Content supported and translated by Ashley Lin

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