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What languages does Lingumi teach? 🌍
What languages does Lingumi teach? 🌍

Find out what languages Lingumi teaches, and what our plans are in the future

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What languages does Lingumi teach?

Many families ask what languages Lingumi is available in. When we first began testing our prototypes for Lingumi with children in London, we used languages like French and Spanish to see how well our method and our products would work for teaching a second language.

However, our passion, experience, and focus is on teaching English. We want to make learning English fun, affordable, and effective for children all around the world.

As a result, Lingumi is only available right now for learning English.Β 

What if we (the parents) don't speak English?Β 

For parents, don't worry if you don't speak English. We offer parental instructions and support in several languages. You can choose your support language in the app, and it should be selected automatically if you register on our website.Β 

We've designed Lingumi to help families introduce their children to English playfully and effectively, even if the parents don't speak English at all. Instead of being the teacher, we think of parents as 'co-learners', discovering and playing with your children.

What if I want my child to learn a different language?

We don't have any official plans about teaching other languages in the future, but it's something we do keep in mind! We'd love to offer more languages, but it's technically complicated. Creating grammar systems, contained inside beautiful playful games, is complicated enough just for one language!

However, we do have one tip: with every new language your child learns, it improves their ability to learn the next one. Research has proven that learning a second language in early childhood strengthens children's overall language ability, as well as concentration, task-switching, and other key social and developmental skills.

So our top tip is - try Lingumi, even if English isn't the language you really want to teach. Exposure to English will spark your child's interest in foreign languages, and give you a structure and framework to begin introducing another language into their lives.


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