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What is the best age to start Lingumi?๐Ÿ‘ถ
What is the best age to start Lingumi?๐Ÿ‘ถ

Find out how old your child should be to begin Lingumi

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Lingumi products are designed to make English learning playful, natural, and joyful for the world's best language learners: kids under 8 years old.

But what's the best age to really begin?

The answer is, it depends. Every child is different. Our users, from all over the world, begin Lingumi from as young as 20 months, and some start as old as 6 years old.

One thing is true for all children: they won't get confused between languages at any age. The theory of 'language confusion' used to be popular 30 years ago, but modern researchers (and parents!) have proven that there's no real truth in that.

2 year olds

We recommend 2 years as the earliest starting age: your child's motor skills and speech production abilities are at the right point to begin. Learning a second language at this point won't confuse them (if anything, it will help their overall language development!), but they are at the best point to absorb the structures and sounds of the language, so their accent development will be very fast. This is the start of the 'magic window' of language development.

However, starting at two years old means that you, as the parent, need to join in the fun. We encourage this for all ages, but you should help your child with each activity, pointing at what to do next, chatting with them, and helping answer questions.

3-4 year olds

In these years, starting with Lingumi is easy. Your child is in the 'magic window' of language development, and their motor skills are quite developed. Expect them to learn quickly, have a lot of fun, and have a natural sound accent after a few months of Lingumi.

However, joining in, playing, and learning with your child is critical to give them the most joyful and effective experience here. Sit with your child to play 2-3 lessons per week - it's only 15 minutes per lesson, so shouldn't take up too much time.

5-8 year olds

5-8 year olds are still in the 'magic window', but the way they learn is a little different. By this time, the idea of 'a second language' or 'English' is something they understand, and they might need to be challenged a bit more. Try asking them questions like 'I bet you don't know what this is in English?' when you see objects they've learned in Lingumi.

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