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How do I ensure my payments are secure? πŸ”
How do I ensure my payments are secure? πŸ”

If you decide to join Lingumi as a paying member, here are some tips on making sure your payments are secure

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At Lingumi, we care about making learning English fun, affordable, and effective for your child. As a business and a team, we have bills to pay and kids to feed, so we do ask families to pay us when they join Club Lingumi, if you enjoy the trial period.Β 

We want to give some more information on how, where, and when we process payments, so you know how they work, and that they are secure.

Subscriptions to Lingumi involve no lock-in beyond the advertised period (you can cancel at any time), and are secure, easy to manage, and affordable. You can see how much subscriptions cost on our pricing page.

3 tips for ensuring your payment is secure

  1. We will never call you or email you to confirm any payment information like credit card number or a password.

  2. We will never send a link to collect payment information, unless you specifically request one from us. If the link comes from a suspicious email address, you can go to our website to log in or sign up, instead of following the link.

  3. You can always email or chat to us if you want to confirm any details about your account, or our payment processing. Our email is [email protected] or chat to us with the website or app chat function.

In the office, we speak English, Chinese, Indonesian Bahasa, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and French. If we do not reply straight away, please leave us a message or send us an email.

Website Payments

If you pay on our website, using your debit card, PayPal account, or Direct Debit, the payments are not handled by us. In fact, we never see or touch your payment information. Instead, we use the secure, encrypted payment providers:

  • Stripe (for debit cards or credit cards)Β 

  • PayPal (for PayPal accounts), and

  • GoCardless (for direct debits) to handle the payment process.Β 

App Payments

If you pay in our app, your payment is handled by Apple or Google, whose secure payment processing is used for all app payments and subscriptions on their platform, around the world.

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