How much does Lingumi cost?πŸ’°

Every Lingumi family starts with a free trial: but how much does it cost after that?

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We give every family some time to test Lingumi before we ask for any payment. During the 7 day free trial, you will have access to our daily lessons, games and other features. To try for free, go to Lingumi website or if you prefer, your app store, and simply download the Lingumi app and enjoy the 7 days trial after the registration. Don't worry, the trial days are free! And no charges will be made during this period. You can also cancel your subscription at any time. It is the perfect chance to get to try Lingumi with your little ones. Make sure to learn and have lots of fun.

So here's an introduction to the price of Lingumi. Exact pricing changes depending on which country you're in but our subscription prices in Euros are as follows:










Billed annually at €99.99

Billed quarterly at €26.99

Billed monthly at €9.99

17% off!

10% off!

When you purchase through the Apple or Google Play store the price will be in your local currency using a conversion rate set by Apple or Google.

For how to cancel, please see our help article β€œHow to Cancel”.

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