We give every family some time to test Lingumi before we ask for any payment. The free trial includes five lessons, which can be completed in any amount of time. 

However, we can't make it free forever - we have bills to pay and kids to feed 👩‍👦‍👦.

One month of Lingumi costs about the same as 1.5 Starbucks cappuccinos, and one year of Lingumi costs about the same as two English classes. We think that's good value! 👍

So here's an introduction to the price of Lingumi. Exact pricing changes depending on which country you're in.

Subscription Costs

  • Monthly membership: 9,99 € / month (up to 5 children profiles)

  • Quarterly Membership: 26,99 € / 3 months

  • Annual membership: 99.99 € / year - 17% savings compared to monthly billing.

You can upgrade to yearly to get the savings by responding to one of our emails, or contacting our support team ([email protected]

Cancellation Terms

We make cancelling easy. No traps, no lock-ins, no need to write strange formal-sounding letters to PO boxes in London.
If you paid via our website you can cancel very simply, at any time, by writing to [email protected]

If we don't process it correctly, and you accidentally get charged, don't worry - we'll send you a refund. Just get in touch. Like you, we're real humans, not robots, but it means we make mistakes sometimes ☹️.

If you paid via the App Store you can cancel here and if you paid via Google Play you can follow this process.

Physical Product Prices

The prices of our physical products change depending on your currency, and the shipping we pay to get it to you. You can find our available products in our shop, where all the pricing information is also available.

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